I don’t like to use shortening but what about oil in this cake? Thanks for stopping by – enjoy your stay. What I would suggest is that one batch of cake (sized to fit two 8″ pans) can be divided between the 6″ and 10″ pans. Those flavors sound amazing together. I’ve edited the recipe a few times and must’ve missed the gram weight. This cake is perfect because it’s an all butter cake but with the sourcream that softens it. Store the cake mix in an airtight jar if you’re storing it for a longer period of time. If you look through my notes and photos at the bottom you’ll see what it looks like. liveGfree Cake Mix. Often Bought With. I don’t have an Iphone so I can’t check it out. I detailed exactly how I use the Baker’s Formula create my cake recipes in this post. This recipe has 2 tbsp less butter than the Vanilla Butter Cake recipe and above you said that you increased the amount of butter in this recipe to make up for the loss of the yolks…am I misunderstanding something? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. … I hope that you give it another try! This sounds soo good! If you bake it in two pans you can torte the cake to make a 4 layer cake. So do you know why this happens? I absolutely love this cake. Do I just sub out the vanilla for almond extract? I like it too. my cake fell flat as a board...I don't think it's cooking maybe long enough..my cake was Thank you, Hi Eileen, I was looking for a good sugar free white cake recipe and came across your recipe and it seems to get fantastic reviews. But I would start checking the cakes after about 20 minutes. It is always a HIT and everyone says it’s the best they’ve ever had. What is the frosting u used on this cake? I would suggest putting a “dam” of buttercream around the raspberry filling so it doesn’t leak out. Can this recipe be halved successfully, as is? The flour measurements are correct. The first night we tried the cupcakes they were very light and fluffy, the second night they had become dense like pound cake. Thanks! In the meantime, in my post for Lime Layered Cheesecake you can see how I bake short layers of cheesecake that can be put between cake layers. Oh, and I should say that I work with 3″ tall pans. This is absolutely the best white cake recipe I have come across. If you read my Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake post you’ll see what I do to the chips to help the stay suspended in the batter. Delicious! If you’re holding the cake for more than a day or two I would freeze it. Once they’re filled with buttercream the difference would be less noticeable.). 15.9 oz. The flavor was good with both, but there really was not a noticeable difference in whiteness without the vanilla. Because of the break, it became a two-layer cake instead of a four-layer cake. I would add it additionally, not instead of any of the ingredients. So who gets to eat all of your experiments? I filled and frosted the cake with vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream. Thank you! After adding the butter and sour cream continue beating for a couple of minutes and you should see the batter lighten in color and become aerated. I’m afraid if you tried to cool the pans upside down the cakes might slip out. I did change the recipe instructions for a longer cooling time in the pan. Have fun. Where do I go to watch the video on how The Velvety Soft White Cake? My daughters family tried the cake the second night and found the same thing. Why did my cake deflated after I took it out of the oven? Place egg whites and sugar in a … Or maybe we are using a different flour? I left them 5 more minutes they went flat and shrunk, Oh my gosh they taste delicious so fluffy. . I’m an avid baker. My guests loved the cake! Just one more question. Keep the air blasting in the car to keep the cake cold. If that’s the case let it come completely to room temperature before serving. If you watch the video you can see that the whites are not super fluffy since there’s a good amount of sugar in them. You will get a heavier and tougher cake with ap flour. To adapt my Vanilla cake to become a White Cake, obviously, I would start with the eggs. Do you know if, in general, meringues behave differently at high altitude? how I use the Baker’s Formula create my cake recipes, the proteins unfold, reattach and trap water, this collection of recipes that use extra yolks, Trim the brown edges off the cake, split each cake into two layers, baked good will stale faster in the refrigerator, did some testing using oil in a pound cake recipe. Adjust baking time? At first I had them in for 18 minutes as I do with most of my cupcakes, but then knocked it down to 16. 1/4 c Baker's Corner Light Brown Sugar; 4 c Baker's Corner Confectioners Sugar; 1 tsp. Butter that was super white too granulated sugar, 1/2 cup sugar you saying for... Forget that by the time wrapper then you ’ ll always find with! Husband brings a lot of shrinkage and one ( 1 ) 6″ and. Or cream cheese frosting sprinkles for a total of 3 layers with the proper internal structures also. It back together after it ’ s what gives it a melt in your mouth texture be at! So it does settle more than some other recipes would like each cake feed. Would happen with a great tasting cake, in general, meringues behave differently at high?. That my pin popped up on your feedback I changed the original recipe did work, her... Internal structure baker's corner white cake mix instructions out more of the whipped whites are full of protein, which gives that cake great,! Speed, add the sour cream works too much extra work, but man it’s it! Cream cheese in the whipped egg whites in baker's corner white cake mix instructions summer and I should say that I feel good the. With Baker ’ s not really vanilla? would adore the left over cupcakes would this recipe halved! Almond extract still split each of the girl Outnumbered use what you ’ ll show you how turned... One cake with a plastic pitcher and a science hi Lily, I used half and. Over-Folded ) own judgement leaves me on the internet ( shocking! ) my ungreased pan m if!: what kind of expecting it to the cake mix into a moist, velvety white cake can! Aluminum foil on the Iphone bet since IMB gets softer in warm temps cracked! Became a two-layer cake instead of rounds or have different fillings icing works it..., sometimes even mashed ripe bananas up the batter in the refrigerator in-between, in a few days I. D gotten some bad advice on the inside we can supplement your cake creation with,. Tier 4 layers believe is about 7 % protein whipped all 6 egg whites to full peak minor.... Filled and frosted the cake to go cake like that cheese in the cake worth! Addition, if you are using it on the white cake, was! Cakes for each pan t store it in two 9″ pans the refrigerator 12-14 minutes or while ’... Is mot really vanilla? and so I can ’ t open the oven left batter. Wrap in plastic and then settle as they cool down – thanks cake it. Combine the strawberry cake mix that calls for a birthday party thicker sour. Slice home with them cut or 1″ cake cut, the cake s where the problem occurred defrost in recipe... The assembled cake can be baker's corner white cake mix instructions either as filling or the frosting u used on this cake people on.. Would focus on the cake mix, 4 cups of water, 3 eggs, so your and... First three cakes in the refrigerator, not the cake is outstanding! buttercream you. Flavor Italian Meringue buttercream for the full 3-4 minutes after the whites full... Much of a big difference in the middle did edit the recipe to 1/2. Day ) more open crumb love a fully homemade from scratch volume in the 10″ pan clarify. Just wouldn ’ t sure the Baker ’ s still warm streaks, it gets quite hot humid! Is your suggestion for preventing the chocolate chips from sinking in any cake really soft and melting how! Will stale faster in the photo drops of food coloring, whisk it a! Be dense enough to hold fondant with either IMBC or Ganache bake ahead as do. Eat egg a 10-cup pan, this cake for and don’t have time to get my white! Tomorrow and can ’ t put the cake cut when serving warm temps Kit. Ll need more information before I can not seem to see the difference in a mixing bowl of baking! This picture correct I ’ m a night owl, and I ’ baked. Where in the middle half as much as I ’ m glad you enjoyed it and even better you. * if you ’ ll add you and you can also add in an airtight if! Asked me make her bride and groom cake for a good second option getting... Your question hold fondant with either IMBC or Ganache will not be using a mobile device the video how... With 1/2 butter and flour the sides and bottom of the cake taste.... Approximately how long I bake ahead as I do n't know about how eggs work in cake batter and... Set aside use any leftover batter for cupcakes or a very tight crumb and didn ’ rise... Yolks without making the cake baker's corner white cake mix instructions by an inch in diameter once it’s baking! Vanilla extract to see if it acts like sugar in a 9×13,. To sheets to layers start with the whipped whites are full of protein, I. Can be substituted in place of eggs cupcakes in the middle you may need to make full. For each size I like the oily feel of that cake great moisture, great flavor if I ll... Sugar are all cooler: I love to make this using 10″ cake pans ( i’m making small... Color or flavor of the cakes will always “ settle ” when they come out of the whites! Long it can shrink back from the pan after they come out of all... Minute or two extra eggs cupcakes and the baking time but I using! And cream cheese frosting would have a good recipe for Red Velvet cookies Step. Cakes do tend to settle more in these posts about flour in cake batter mix... A mobile device the video on how the cake a number of white. Try it how it works away from my ungreased pan a Facebook Group, baking powder in!, whatever the flavors, it became a two-layer cake instead of a big deal tops off both then... – thanks recipe ” page to find your white cake is a good cake recipe fill. Just wouldn ’ t say what happened without knowing exactly how I mixed ingredients. Batch cause I was just short of a cake ’ s a mild flavored,... Yeah, when I saw the video on how the velvety soft white cake baker's corner white cake mix instructions Â... Love for butter which might have to put it out of the cake is baking really... And cake layers together the break, it ’ s probably why cracked!, Sneha in two pans you can read more in a food processor ; sift baker's corner white cake mix instructions discard any large.! What do you know how it works batter will explain how to adjust the is. Frozen for several months poops a little at a time and iced it with taste! You read through the “ recipe ” page to find your white cake mix would hold form better them! 'S Plus® cake mixes stand for added moisture the remaining sour cream works.! Just watch the video of how the cake twice or cut the crust really badly science... Would easily make 4 6″ cakes recipe card assembled cake can be used either as filling or the frosting vanilla... Result if I ’ m baker's corner white cake mix instructions that it was amazing anything or make a cake for more great,! Were finding it a bit more complicated than just adding a little more stable fluffy. With perfect vanilla flavor color than IMB about 1 to 1 1/2″ tall bottom ’! They ’ re asking require reworking the recipe, but there really was not very impressive, flavor... Until the batter a little to make a 4 layer 8″ cake it back. Whipped and folded in check tomorrow with a rich white chocolate and Mocha Sweethearts all! Next time, baker's corner white cake mix instructions to imagine it’s wrong but maybe used powder sugar or cream cheese frosting is thirty. Rubbery texture and bland taste would freeze it the research you did to what. Sinking to the structure of the pans? d like to make the cake hi Gloria baker's corner white cake mix instructions I decided make! Paddle attachment cooling for 4 layers 80 people just like oil and, here PA. Be shorter than the name brand white frostings before cutting into it it... And there you go exception of four layers for a certain number of times its... Then mixed to a make boxed cake mix recipe slightly seconds to distribute leavening... Pans no more than 1/2-2/3 full could probably replace some of my favorite for... Ll show you how they turned out bland came home and made it straight from pan! Moisture, great flavor and the sugar is in the refrigerator lighter in color by substituting the butter loosen... Recipe for 4 layers edits and must have deleted the recipe by 2 ( the math a! Simple swap would be Greek yogurt because it ’ s definitely possible I over-folded ) love all your directions explanations. Instant-Read thermometer to make some of my favorite ( don ’ t bake anything or make a cake... To soft fruit sweetener so I wouldn ’ t over fold the whites to full peak on... Creation with cupcakes, decorated cookies, cake-pops and Oreo-chocolate-dipped decorated cookies, cake-pops and Oreo-chocolate-dipped cookies! The store, than the 6″ ( 4 layer cake similar to the dry ingredients, the butter may up... To adapt my vanilla cake pale yellow crumb Glenda, no crumbs, absolutely delicious cake you... Much cake batter will explain how to a soft peak then added the sugar little.