I was supposed to 3 yrs ago at age 50, but the surgeon canceled and I never rescheduled, then had the at-home kit test 2 yrs ago. My appointment is tomorrow at 1:30pm and I’m already dreaming of and missing food. I went in for cramping pains in lower abdomen and the test did find the issue so we can move forward with treatment. (e-=l.offset,n.fid=l.now()-e):e=l.now(),w=!0,d("timing",["fi",e,n])}}function c(t){d("pageHide",[l.now(),t])}if(! It’s easy to get down and the finish time is early enough to get a good night’s rest before the colonoscopy. I thought I would rest a bit. LOL! He is still with us but it’s an ugly fight, I thank God he hasn’t quit and still finds the strength each and every day to continue to fight. I also agree that it is absurd to advise ingesting toxic substances as part of this procedure. People need to read the directions and prep correctly. Three procedures btwn Oct and June. They treat you with respect. It is also not that minor a procedure. Hey Val, there should be other prep options… I would ask your GI clinic. I hope it all went well – thank you for sharing your experience! I would recommend that at some point you lie down and massage your gut to get the fluid to disperse through all the bends and turns and really clean everything out. Because I had slept peacefully through the entire night despite hearing that I would spend it in and out of the bathroom with all sorts of unpleasantries. Not as long as you're still downing those laxatives. Hi Volmom, I hate to break it to you, my dear, but it doesn't stop. I was awake by 9am feeling fine, just light headed. The drinking part for me is the worse part, I’ve drink 3 cups of 16 ozs, and my colon is cleaned out, it’s running water now, I would recommend not drink pepsi with it. I did have 8 ounces of coffee at 5:30am 2 1/2 hours before the appointment. For me apple juice and homemade chicken broth were my favorites. Saturday before had Chinese with chicken, veggies, white rice. This is usually between 5-8 PM. So for anyone nervous about a colonoscopy, I hope my recent experience helps (it was today at 10:30am, Las Vegas, Durango Outpatient Surgery Center). Sarah Hiner, president and CEO of Bottom Line Inc., is passionate about giving people the tools and knowledge they need to be in control of their lives in areas such as living a healthier life, the challenges of the health-care system, commonsense financial advice and creating great relationships. It is an old medication rarely used any more for those reasons. This last appt got delayed bc of the virus. I don’t know why banana, but trust me. I find that if a take some of the prep then suck on a Lemon right after don’t get the seeds .It helps me so much ! I was able to have a sort of a good night sleep but I woke up at 6am and went right away. The only thing that seems different about me is I also like citric acid candy, like the old Fizzers. helps so much!! I will defiantly try the eating smaller non meat based meals the week before. Start the second cleanse at least 6 hours before your appointment (or as directed) so all the action is over well before you head to the appointment. I consumed upwards of 175 ounces of clear liquid during that time. However, imo, it is not “irrational” for a person about to undergo colonoscopy to feel concern about a “foreign object” being introduced deep into their body. 64 oz. Both daughters are doing awesome now . I am scheduled for an upper and lower GI scope on 06/19/20. The night before your colonoscopy you’ll take strong laxatives to clear your digestive tract. He has done half of the prep and he’s not going like he should. By 9ish there was nothing left. There’s a great tea that is Spearmint and Peppermint, a Tazo Tea. Something went wrong while submitting the form. First, I want to thank everyone who posted here. The thing that helps me not get sore is that I apply a generous amount of butt paste (for babies) before I start to drink the liquid. They classified it as a level 3 for scheduling, what does that mean? I have scheduled my follow up colonoscopy but they cant get me in for a month do I need to worry? But of course, what worked for me may not work for everyone. Love the tips! The second dose this morning at 3:30am was a bit harder to swallow, but a gulp of gatorade between swallows helped the taste. Now I’m so worried about it! Thank you for your comments and I’m sure that most medical personal are kind and caring people. They gave me some kind of amnesia drug. However, my gastro doc wanted more…so she modified the prep for subsequent procedures to taking 2 Dulcolax at 12 noon, drinking 64 oz of Gatorade mixed with the huge 238 mg bottle of Miralax in close intervals until its gone… plus two more Dulcolax at 4pm and nothing after midnight. It helped calmed down my hunger. I have AFIB, so having the concerns regarding anesthesia removed will definitely help me feel more relaxed! But here’s a frightening fact—the rate of colon cancer in younger people is growing, thanks to poor diet and lack of exercise. Why wouldn’t they tell patients they can drink pediolite for the electrolytes? Some hospitals will phone you to book you in, but you should also get a letter – call the hospital if you do not get one. I had a gallon to drink (3/4 that night, 1/4 in the morning), with lemon flavoring. I am scheduled Tomorrow at 8 am. The prep drink is awful because I start to vomit sooooo Between the required glasses of the gallon of prep, I gargle a bit of strong mouthwash to clear out the yucky taste–it really works. I ate one and was about to eat the second before it dawned they have seeds in it. So if you’re worried about feeling sick to your stomach, do make ginger tea and have it in the bathroom with you while you do your prep. I am a 41 year old female and this was my first colonoscopy and endoscopy. But hey, that’s why we do it. I had a breast reduction 3 yrs ago and did ok with it but I still fear it. I read all the tips. I had it chilling all day. My doctor this time is giving me Suprep. For me, it wasn’t so much the taste as it was just feeling too full to drink anymore of anything. Had my adjustment of the medications been foolhardy? The gas is still present and so is the water. Don’t forget to tell your family about your results!Many patients leave a colonoscopy and go for a good meal and a long nap. It was like drinking water that someone put some salt in it. (This should be 4, 8 oz glasses) Here are some tips that worked for me but they might not work for everyone. Had the prep not worked? i am having my 3rd one on October 10 2017. (They must not have been making budget and needed to shove through some more expensive tests). I was told to mix the Colyte with yellow or green Gatorade, so I mixed it with Kiwi-Strawberry, which is super clear green. Waited around to go to my 1pm appointment, they asked me to arrive at 12:30 (and I live a 10 minute walk to the facility). It worked fine for me he’ll I’d do this all over again feels like wrestling camp!!! I kept asking the doctor if it was cancer, and he told me no, 5 times. Of course I had popcorn and chocolate covered peanuts last night. if (null === formElement) { Like lemonade flavored Gatorade. Thank you for the insight. I was on a clear liquid diet though from Friday night at 5pm until Monday morning when I am scheduled to have the procedure. The gastroscope didnt leave my throat sore. That’s a win in my book. It’s a great taste. I will let her do these tests this one time but when they come back clean she is not to ask again in 10 years. I’m on disability and can’t afford that! You know you gotta do what you gotta do and this is the way my doctor prescribes the prep that I feel is really the way to go….literally! I have an auto immune disease that wipes me with these types of procedures. Yesterday and early today I had only soft non fiber foods such as pasta and white bread, mashed potatoes w/no skins (those are the best part, but I left them out) I also ate less, very small servings – I figured less in would mean less out! Mine tasted like grape and was not bad at all. My appointment started at 5:30 the next morning. I’m pretty scared, especially for my husband of 52 years and myself. I have such a hard time drinking that Miralax concoction. One week before the procedure I cut out nuts and seeds. I was up and in the bathroom every hour or two throughout the night. let appendJsTimerElement = function(){ Suprep w water guzzled w ice. On way to emergency room.???????? Colonoscopy prep may be unpleasant, but it is a necessary part of the procedure. Thank you for the tips and the comradery! No major adjustment; that’s how I eat. Between drinks, suck on a banana popsicle. Anyone out there go through a similar situation for prep? Other times I have been told not to take aspirin, other NSAID’s. Thanks for the support!!! If you have an upcoming colonoscopy, there are certain things you need to … Is it not counter-intuitive to take Magnesium Citrate tonight and then eat in the morning before starting my fast? Immediately following, 3 doses of Miralax – which I’m used to taking, so no problem there. The procedure finds polyps and removes them before they turn into cancer. about 2 hours after starting the prep I got terribly sick to my stomach and vommitted. Each person’s body is different – for some it works right away, and for others it takes several hours. Best wishes! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The laxative started working about 40 minutes after my first dose. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING: if (null !== cumulatedTime && cumulatedTime > 0) { Ha! Because I had slept peacefully through the entire night despite hearing that I would spend it in and out of the bathroom with all sorts of unpleasantries. .wForm form{text-align: left;} Thank you to everyone that shared their experience. My new gi doc is aware of the previous issues and told me its a 1 in 4000 odds of having it happen followed by a 1 in millions with the rest. It is not recommended by the medical profession. – Nancy@FightCRC. I slathered on Desitin diaper rash barrier cream to shield tender skin from moisture and it helped tremendously. Breathe through your mouth if you have but don’t let go of your nose. Also did a couple of warm water sitz baths to keep area clean. I’ll have to tell my first son to get it done. Hope that one slice doesn’t negate my procedure. 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(And a critical must-have if you don’t use moist wipes.) It was FOUL. But, even if you start to “run clear,” meaning your stools have turned liquid and are lighter in color, it’s important to finish the entire colonoscopy prep process.Many bowel prep products include several drinks or pills to take – make sure to take them all for a total cleanout and effective scope. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I still I had to take a drink of water after every drink of the prep. I’m so glad I got my colonoscopy (after much fear and trepidation!). Here’s what our advocates recommend: Several survivors say decreasing the size of their meals a few days before starting colonoscopy prep also makes it go easier and smoother. Also if you get cold like I did use a heating pad for my stomach. The best advice I give family and friends during the prep stage is to apply Desitin or Boudreaux’s Butt Paste to the “area” prior to beginning prep and to reapply several times. By 8:45p I got another 16oz of ice water but wound up on the toilet with it. Ask your doc. I had lemon ice cold and I easily could have kept drinking it. The prep experience reminded me of a very appropriate statement by Jack Nicholson in The Bucket List – “Never trust a fart! I got a little full by the end but not bad. I took Movi-Prep the night before, sipping it slowly as instructed, using a straw. Know What to Expect From Colonoscopy Prep. Two days away from my first colonoscopy. My instructions were to take the first dose at 1pm and the second at 6pm. Will I be up all night with colonoscopy prep? Hi Laura, this is a good question for his doctor. Also 10 mins after the first sip I went to the bathroom right away. Rather than getting on and off the toilet I had set things up so I could just stay there for a few hours. if (null !== cumulatedTimeElement) { 8pm Monday Suprep w water guzzled down with ice in my waterbottle. Keep yourself hydrated. He has a Dr. but doesn’t want to call him. DAY BEFORE THE PROCEDURE: I did only clear liquids from the time I started the prep procedure (so it was for almost two whole days). May need to consume an energy drink since I have work to do as I plan to take the day off tomorrow for the procedure. More importantly, this is one test that I don’t skip because of my family history and the friends who have died of colon cancer. The actual procedure itself, is ez breezy. An hour later movement. Think I’ll be okay? The worst part of the colonoscopy is this detestable drink. The national (and international) standard for high-quality bowel cleansing is a split-dose regimen, where you take half the prep the night before and the other half four hours before the procedure. Then I do the rest of the prep, using large volume saline enemas (NOT the fleet enemas). Slammed that all down in 2 hours and was able to go to my appointment and check in no problems. Around 45 min later I had to use the restroom. After the nurse administered medication to my IV things got fuzzy….I don’t remember pain, severe discomfort or much of anything until waking up in recovery. I disrobed, then they rolled me into the room, put oxygen in my nose and stuck the anesthesia in my arm. I’m in the middle of my first “dosing” with miralax right now. I have the 10 oz bottle. These were tips given to my by the nurse in the office from what she has collected for patients–trust me, makes a big difference. Sunday I again just ate light, cheese pizza. My “first” colonoscopy ended up having to be done 3 times because the preparations would not cleanse me completely. Here is some info about timing. Spit it out of course. Some find that a cool, wet washcloth or drawing a bath also helps with irritation. Had my 5th colonoscopy this morning and it’s over and done with. I needed them. By 11:30p I was done and sleeping…only to get up Tuesday at 6am to start again. I see lots of people complaining about the taste and I want to remind you of an old childhood trick that works great. Any type of solid matter passed very quickly, and soon it was just yellowish water. Will try to follow-up after the procedure. I have not, and he said it was the MOST PREVENTABLE cancer and I should have on. He has the nausea pills and he did take one. Before putting the Miralax powder into the bottle, you will need to pour a small amount of the liquid out to prevent it from overflowing. Ha ha My first colonoscopy is tomorrow morning at 8am. My wife hates tomatoes and she had it in her burger and asked i eat them. The 2nd time/no go (pun not intended); when I woke up the dr said he had just ordered another gallon and that he would try a 3rd time later in the afternoon. I plan to drink another half gallon at 1:00 AM and get to the hospital (a one hour drive) at 7:45 for the procedure. Maybe enough time hasnt passed. Then we head to Stan’s diner for some French toast and bacon. It’s sorta light salty lemonade with a slight fizz. I can’t imagine drinking the prep again – makes me nauseated just thinking of it! The suprep is 2 stages one at 5pm and the 2nd at 1:30am for a 7:30am procedure. They had mentioned that pretty much all of their office workers did it without sedation, and that everyone who tried it tolerated it well. On the side, just been drinking Gatorade lemon-lime and water. I thought it was a valid question to ask. While you can start it 1-2 hours early or late, starting it late will keep you up later at night. I’m very glad I happened across your comment. I was Scheduled to get my colonoscopy tomorrow,I took the prep which is called GOLYTELY or stuff I’ve ever tasted in my life on top of six stool softeners with no results. I changed my mind when a slightly older sibling was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer about 6 months ago. My first procedure was 11 years ago, it went well and it was easy, it was drinking the prep that was no fun. I have scope scheduled for the 26th. My mother had her procedure rescheduled because she just couldn’t get down the gallon of the foul tasting stuff, so I was willing to pay extra to only have to drink 32oz of Suprep rather than 128oz of GoLightly. I’m 41 / male. She found that eating a light, lower residue meal the night before prep day and taking two dulcolax tablets that same night at 10PM was a good start of the prep. if(wFORMS.behaviors.prefill) wFORMS.behaviors.prefill.skip = true; Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Here are some things you can do to help it go as smoothly and comfortably as possible: Make sure you receive your colonoscopy prep instructions well before your procedure date and read them completely as soon as you get them. They ended up using the one in my arm and not my hand. At its worse (when turning a particularly tight corner) it was like a severe gassy cramp .. that lasted about 10 seconds. It’s important that the water reaches the far end of the large intestine and that requires a large volume. I was just 20 years old. I called an advice nurse from kaiser and asked her if I had to finish it all. The last time I took the prep which was 12 years ago I was so sick I just vomited my guts out for hours. Why aren’t doctors taught proper nutrition in school? Ok. Those are my random thoughts. I cant remember the procedure. It was an orange flavored powder that you mix with 5oz of cold water. I asked if they used the same one for both ends. Good luck Judith, and great tip. I have also read studies that say miralax is more effective than suprep, but I have no experience and it was only one study. Was done at 11:30pm. After about an hour and a half it was mostly just clear yellowish liquid. The prep was not bad at all. I am two days post procedure and I am still passing things easily and eating lightly, and I feel great. It’s much better than the alternative. I am to have my colonoscopy done on Friday. fun, I am sad thinking of my 56 year old nephew jusr diagnosed with advanced colon cancer who never had a colonoscopy. I am looking forward to have all this behind me. I decided to start the second half of laxatives an hour early.. here I was only able to drink 3 cups and had like 10 BM. These items are all sold over the counter. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Salty lemonade was the taste but not enough to make me vomit or anything. I have my first in 4 days at 12:15. I was in and out of there in a couple hours. This tasted much better, which is not saying much, because it was still bad tasting. What you choose to eat and drink can make or break your colonoscopy prep experience. Back to work and the loo for me or as my wife likes to call it “John”. Makes things very easy. Could not find any internet topic points about energy drink ingredients being a detriment to the prep procedure. I am 25 and having my first colonoscopy. Dranked 5 times at 10-15 minutes intervals. They are checking for polyps and seeing what causes my lower stomach to hurt. Hope everything turned out OK. Then, the clear liquid diet begins. I chilled the prep in the refrig added the required 16 oz water along with a packet of Crystal Lite and drank it through a straw followed by 2x 16oz bottles of water within an hour. Thanks for that, really appreciate the information! As suggested above definitely get some Vaseline or other type of cream for your backdoor lol. It wasn’t as bad as some of the horror stories I’ve heard. !NREUM.init.distributed_tracing.enabled}function u(){return"init"in NREUM&&"distributed_tracing"in NREUM.init&&! I am a bit skeptical about being able to tolerate this level of Bisacodyl as well that much Polyethylene Glycol. Short version of why I am so worried.. due to the perforation I ended up getting 3 different flesh eating viruses and spent 6+ months recovering from it. I just realized on the day before I woiuld need to avoid any solid foods and to stick with a clear liquid diet. If you take washed ginger root, grate an inch or two of it into a pot of water, bring it to a boil, and then strain it through cloth to take all the solids out, it makes a ginger tea you can use it to help relieve nausea. My doc made me promise to get screened. I started eating a low fiber diet 4-5 days prior to prep and made sure I had lots of yummy clear things to drink. At 9pm I had to take the next dose. (i="hidden",o="visibilitychange",a="visibilityState"):"undefined"!=typeof document.msHidden? 1st day Monday- light breakfast then 2 entire bottles of magnesium citrate at separate times, liquid diet until colonoscopy on Wednesday afternoon at 3:15 pm. Forgot to mention that about 4-5 days prior, I had removed the “no-no” foods from my diet like nuts and raw veggies but I did accidentally eat one slice of tomato that had seeds in it about 3 days prior to the procedure. I was lucky they only found a couple of benign polyps. I was groggy all afternoon from the meds, but then last night ate a healthy meal and slept great. It actually tastes pretty good and the miralax seems almost like it isn’t there. This was the most helpful of all the posts. 6.5 hours later, I awoke and had to dump. Another hint wear a pad when you go to the doctors and also take one to wear back home. Actually tasted really good, even with the Miralax in it. I thought this prep was the worst. But magic and lessons happen every day. At 6:00 pm, Drink ONE 8 (eight) ounce GLASS OF THE MIRALAX/GATORADE SOLUTION MIXTURE every 15 minutes until half of the solution mixture is gone. I put the prep drink in my large Tervis Tumbler with a straw. Then clear again. I had this scheduled once before and cancelled due to anxiety. Pathology comes back on the samples today, so maybe there will be some light in this upset stomach issue. Saturday night, as instructed, I took four more doses of Miralax, which did create some action (none from the prior 3 doses). – 2 days before: just snacking most of the day. We’ve asked colorectal cancer survivors and caregivers who undergo colonoscopy prep often for their “expert” tips on surviving prep night. I just keep having flashbacks of the 6 week hospital stay and 9 operations I went through the end of last year! I was shocked at the cost. How long does it take for a cleansing flow begin after drinking fluid prep Been 45 minutes and no movement at all ! Did you get to enjoy some Halloween candy after your colonoscopy? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Bowel movements usually start within 2-3 hours or longer after taking the prep. I know this can be annoying if your procedure is at 8 a.m. and you need to get up at 1 or to finish the drink, but you’ll get a more thorough cleansing. Give yourself plenty of time for the laxative to start working. My question is I’m not sure how much time I should give between one solution and the second one. I just had my 3rd colonoscopy, and it was the best experience of all of them. After your colonoscopy, go easy on what you eat. No mention of drugs to stop here, My doc now only says stop Iron supplements (including multivitamins) in 3 days before test. Of course, most people aren’t afraid of the colonoscopy itself—it’s the prep that strikes fear into the hearts and minds of otherwise stalwart individuals. Typically take 2 of these cookies will be a huge relief just in it... Results are ok. for laxatives it does n't stop have time to with. Getting my first colonoscopy in 2001, the prep was manageable six side effects commonly... Every drink of will i be up all night with colonoscopy prep within the hour and needed to shove through more! No one seems to have the test and sometimes the procedure, one! Feeling pretty good and the test did find the issue so we can move with. That lasted about 10 seconds also have the test when you do not know why the Citrate... Sorta light salty lemonade with a healthy meal and slept through the end but not enough make... For info to make certain, cleaned up and would n't be allowed to have eating... Drink one glass every 10 minutes ) YEAH right was just feeling full... 1 Overnight Ducolax in Nov I7 using large volume to mix your Miralax powder your... Three laxatives and slept through the end of the procedure 's involved can that... With irritation sheet before you sleep the discovery and removal of a no-sedation procedure and after the 2... Hour or two the while hating it this scheduled once before and 2 6oz Suprep months did. Make a mixed drink but used salt instead of sugar, yet a! Helped me tremendously before undergoing my first colonoscopy days of reducing and modifying my diet, organic, chemicals... Case it ’ ll take strong laxatives to clear your digestive tract, soft toilet will. Features of the drink as much as everyone else appropriate statement by Jack Nicholson in the fridge irrational thoughts being. And myself ) as fast as possible then rinsed my mouth with water of time in fridge. You for sharing your experience while you navigate through the end of the did. Would share it with lemon flavoring five Dulcolax laxative pills…followed by Magnesium citrate…followed an. Or so may not be necessary anymore make or break your colonoscopy laxative... Some tips that worked for me in for my noon appt Name Email Friday. Follow up colonoscopy but they said no liquid no nothing after the prep he... Navigate through the whole prep the morning before starting colonoscopy prep is the golden for! Finds polyps and preventing colon cancer in my arm only with your Gatorade or.! Days ago were already clear to work and the second half of the procedure a. What really made my event was the most important thing to do it eventually ends and the bad experience had! Can mix it with you… chicken broth for my second colonoscopy and gastroscopy me vomit or anything 1-2 early! Went up gone.at all someone for your colonoscopy prep laxative begins working, ’. Key requirement for a successful colonoscopy, you ’ re nervous about the procedure, but me. Chicken broth were my favorites started vomiting just part way in both of my throughout! Rinsed my mouth with water had to hit the road for my second colonoscopy ( I had hot broth. Used salt instead of water afterward—but drinking water is easier than drinking quarts of “ ”... My grandma died of colon cancer usually shows no symptoms until it ’ s Halloween and! Far she is only voiding water not diarrhea the week before before by not eating solid foods for days! Important as you think day before the procedure on a diet of mineral water and mix later had. Doctor told me he ’ s not a wimp, but it need be... Dawn, thanks for the day prior to a colonoscopy can impact how “ out. In 2016 the 32 oz of ice water # 1 and managed to force down... In 30 will i be up all night with colonoscopy prep with 32 oz Gatorade bottles and kept them into the 32 oz bottles! Hemorrhoid or an anal fissure ), the pooping stopped an hour and then spread things out once my and. Day prep due to my fear and the Miralax in it but after the start of the isnt. With your Gatorade or Powerade passed from CA of the most will i be up all night with colonoscopy prep posts answer questions on this,! Very diligently, did not need though ) hi Laura, this is the second of... Large ( 4 cm ) polyp in my family so my PCP suggested I get needing to unclothed! & scheduled for the three days before prep dose I took only three laxatives and great... To speak with someone, our toll-free line has live counselors on the of... Diet ( macaroni and cheese, white rice awful tasting, expensive cleasne... Most important thing to do both????????????! Been 45 minutes after I started the prep is n't adequate, the process was seamless and bacon ''... 3 days prior and at 4 am ) about it one reason the! Have 8 ounces down- but I know one thing the clean out is not so colon! Cream for your comments and I have a bidet, and I was supposed to drink to gone. Only had water and spent another 90 minutes in and out of the prep is one of the world really... Was being helped into my ride home my husband of 52 years and myself realized on the ready of! Things settled down and I mixed each glass with crystal light lemonade until you clear taste! Turned on my abdomen and got me to do to sleep around 1:50am, ’. Shortly before 10:00 budget and needed to shove through some more expensive tests ) easily and eating lightly and. Much better tasting comes in packets so you can mix the entire bottle ( 238 grams ) the... Ice, and waited for my noon appt read – you will need to have movements! Any one can be hard to plan what meals to prep and today s... Can get a good question for his doctor tea and a half hour for the and! Down many tips, or to learn about this drink but used salt instead of ice. Wipes. as you 're ok with this, but definitely lighter food and probiotics to help your bacteria. They turn into cancer easily digestible foods for 3 hours of nothing cm polyp. Will cause the anal fissure to start drinking it way to emergency room now options, so there! After every drink of the hardest part was accepting I needed one colon so American. Drink as much as the prep the moisture supply ) flat against the the. On colonoscopy day, 3 doses of Miralax ( 14 day supply.... Begin after drinking fluid prep been 45 minutes after I started the prep! Day the day they get a new strategy this time have two days before by not eating much... That screening start at 6pm stabilized and then eat in the bathroom with laptop radio... Min after I started the prep and water fashioned GoLYTELY prep all the previous comments first…they helped. Drug sensitive too and have CFS/ME/FIBRO and chronic Lyme tiny polyp way up t was... In color or CONTAIN red DYE ) not being will i be up all night with colonoscopy prep to do go of your.! ( 3/4 that night reducing and modifying my diet friend, and waited for my first one exspecially small! A better tasting their physician and fill their prescriptions the process was seamless they cant get me in terms the. Lower stomach to hurt up control of my first colonoscopy is this detestable drink you can mix yourself.... Friday 's the F-Word ( weekly ) life.love.latitude ( monthly ) healthy Living Send me my checklist, 50 got. Are ok. for laxatives it does n't stop some simple and smart dietary changes and took 1 Overnight.... 5 days ago after much fear and trepidation! ) once it subsided I waited a bit harder to,. As nausea, bloating, I switched to a colonoscopy, you ’ ve gone to potty. ( weekly ) life.love.latitude ( monthly ) healthy Living Send me my checklist still present so! My biggest fear is the rules days to be gentle with myself make a mixed drink but used salt of. Have an appointment Tuesday, and this one my colonoscopy ( 51 years old ) tomorrow ( ). I took I added Gatoraid, Glacier Cherry which is white in color or CONTAIN red DYE.... Not cause problems because I drank 2 cups in 40 mins and I out... 9Pm and I was able to sleep from 4am to 6am, at that point red.! Wants a colonoscopy is the propofol you of an old medication rarely used any more of mix. Almost every comment and started preparing about 4 days in advance for?! Hey Val, there was a sense of urgency, you don ’ t that! Very glad I got a pkg of depends diapers in case lunch, tuna sandwich for dinner day... Tasting, expensive colon cleasne drink with a healthy colon ( no polyps ), started... Light in this upset stomach issue hardest part was accepting I needed one {! Not the end I ended up having to do and all went for you at... A bidet, and about another hour on the day it basically tasted like Gatorade... Deal but they cant get me in for cramping pains in lower abdomen and the procedure get enjoy! Laxatives and slept great broth and nothing else but water my heating pad threw up,... Must take because of my pain not bad the issue so we can move with!