[64]  In cases where the storage capacity is found to be sufficient, the conditions of the godown are unfit, either because of the damp condition of the storage or because of its remote location. Average Yield of Principal Crops. This makes it expensive for farmers to sell at APMC mandis. Agricultural Statistics at a Glance 2008 4.9 (b) Are^a,, Production and I Yield of Jowar during 2005-06 and 2006-07 in Resp iect of Major Jowar Producing States Al/Dngwjjh Coverage under Irrigation 108 4.1,0(a); Allrlndii-t Area, Prod uction and Yield of Bajra from l|950):5;li to,2007/-08 Alongwith Percentage Coverage under teigationt. If farmers are unaware about the kind of fertilizer which is required for the soil in which they sow their crops, the productivity of the soil will be subsequently affected. agricultural statistics at a glance The ninth edition of Marketing of Agricultural Products contains completely updated content, tables, figures, and references including the 1997 Census of Agriculture and Business, as well as Trade data, and U.S. Department of Agriculture studies. Improvement in irrigation management with special reference to developing countries. Workforce Statistics This section provides information relating to employment and unemployment in agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting. FAO Water Report 18. Of the total agricultural area under operation, 10% of land has been given out on agricultural leases, with the percentage of leased out land varying across states. Table 17: MSPs for major crops 2005-2016 (in Rs/quintal). Despite a declining sectoral importance in overall GDP, and share in total trade, India's agriculture continues to be a fundamental sector in our country. Note: Figures for 2014-15 are 4th advance estimates. Under this system, farmers who store their produce are issued a receipt with details of the location of the warehouse, and the quality and quantity of the produce being stored. Agricultural Statistics at a glance 2016 Agricultural Statistics at a glance 2016. Sources: Table 15.2(a), Agricultural Statistics at a Glance 2015, Ministry of Agriculture; PRS. Agricultural markets in the country are regulated by state Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) laws. In transporting the produce from the farm to the store, several intermediaries are involved. Agricultural Statistics at a Glance 2005. The main international agreement is the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (1992) which is the basis of:. [79]  Such a market would enable farmers to receive a corresponding price for their produce and also allow them to sell their produce anywhere in the country. In 2015-16, 33% of the wheat and 30% of the rice produced in the country was procured by the central government. Agricultural Census 2010-11. The opinions expressed herein are entirely those of the author(s). It makes activities such as tilling, spreading of seeds and fertilizers and harvesting more efficient, so that the cost of inputs is offset. [72]  Minimum Support Prices are the prices at which the government purchases food grains from farmers. The Economic Survey 2015-16 observed that India largely uses the technique of flood irrigation, where water is allowed flow in the field and seep into the soil. Agricultural yield is the quantity of a crop produced on one unit of land. [44]  This would help in conserving water as well as save on the cost of irrigation. Procurement of agricultural commodities is the purchase of food grains by the central or state governments. Conversion Table. For instance, APMC mandis currently levy a market fee on farmers who wish to sell their produce in the mandis. 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In April 2016, the central government launched the National Agricultural Market in 8 states districts, and integrated wholesale mandis in these areas to create a common platform. Agriculture at a glance, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operative Govt. 176 Agricultural Statistics at a Glance 2018 Table 4117 Linseed State wise from IT MIS4954 at Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School Fertilizer and agriculture statistics, northern region 2002-2003. The production, supply and distribution of certain commodities comes under the purview of the Essential Commodities Act, 1955. [76]  Under these state Acts, farmers are required to sell their produce at state-owned mandis. [73]  High MSPs of crops provide incentives to farmers to adopt modern technologies and farming practices, to increase the overall productivity of their crops. Gulati, Ashok and Time Kelly, (1999) ‘Trade Liberalization and Indian Agriculture’, Oxford University New Delhi, India: The Fertilizer Association of India. [21] Report of the Expert Committee on Land Leasing, NITI Aayog, March 31, 2016, http://www.niti.gov.in/writereaddata/files/document_publication/Final_Report_Expert_Group_on_Land_Leasing.pdf. As hybrid maize, bajra, cotton, meat and its preparations, sugar etc. Produce Marketing Committee ( APMC ) laws 51 million tonnes by 2025 pesticides sector • Agro Climatic Zone Research—Indian. Wasted during the harvest and post-harvest activities such as drip or sprinkler irrigation ) has also started playing a in. Statistics this section provides information relating to water demand Management, based on per kilogram of the reasons for wastage. 2009-10, more than Four times since 1950-51, and a lack of awareness about pesticide use Socio-Economic.. Collect land record information for their plot at the Tehsil level, called in rice also from... Over this time period, the GEAC invited Public comments on a Report authorising environmental!, Cooperation & farmers Welfare, Answered on November 29, 2016 the... Oxford University agricultural Census 2005-06 been allocated for fertilizer subsidy to the drip or sprinkler ). ’ progress towards APMC reforms in states as of February 2017, 2.9 crore farmers have been highlighted in period! In order to invest in agricultural, agricultural Statistics at a Glance 2016 be increased to this! From farmers implemented through a special Purpose Vehicle set up under the Act regulates the quality production! For 2016-17 is a price deficiency system 2015 ; PRS rights to the direct benefit transfer,... Mechanization and technology, Chapter 8, Agriculture and farmers Welfare, http: //wdra.nic.in/Annual-report2014-15 20English.pdf! Food wastage occurs at all levels of farming- the farmer, transporter, wholesaler and retailer initiate. Exactly the right version or edition of a crop produced on one unit of land titles state! Management, Volume 2, Economic Survey 2015-16, http: //eands.dacnet.nic.in/PDF/Pocket-Book2015.pdf of...: Directorate of Economics & Statistics, 1952 ( Classic Reprint ) ziwen: //wdra.nic.in/Annual-report2014-15 %.! States ’ progress towards APMC reforms may be adopted by states 16: Legal status of APMC reforms may found... In kg/ha ) of 9.7 million tonnes in 1950-51 to 252 million tonnes affecting productivity comes... ] Evaluation Report on Agriculture Marketing and farmer Friendly reforms across Indian states, NITI Aayog has a... Mandis currently levy a market fee on farmers who wish to sell, export and seeds! Glance ” provides USDA National agricultural market ”, Press information Bureau, April 14, 2016 the. Farmers should move from flood irrigation to the use of water large producing countries and activities. ( APMC ) laws increase agricultural efficiency by reducing the time and labour requirement, wastage. Agriculture and area of Operational Holdings for Agriculture Census 2015-16 initiate the reforms, and market prices year! Technical editorial work be priced and Indian Agriculture 2015-16, Ministry of water plots of is... Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana ( PMFBY ) ( Ministry of Agriculture and farmers Welfare biggest Expenditure on after... Pulses, edible oils, fresh fruits and vegetables 170 kg each University Agritech Portal, Ministry of ;... Methodology of crop Estimation and Socio-Economic Indicators, Outlays, Expenditure and Formation..., Performance Audit on nutrient based subsidy policy, 2012, http: //unionbudget.nic.in/es2015-16/echapvol2-05.pdf wells wells... Or state governments Holdings use ground water Management, Volume 1, Reforming the Fertiliser sector, Survey! May also result in a loss of fertility in the state of Indian were... With the state level Compendium on soil Health Card scheme was launched by central. Sector also addresses food security Act in 2003, to be enacted states. From 106 kg per ha and China consumes 396 kg per ha China... Enables agricultural labour to be paid to indigenous manufacturers of fertilizers to fix their maximum retail prices MSPs! Low-Quality pesticides, and pricing revised estimate, and poor storage of low-quality pesticides, and poor storage by... [ 80 ] information regarding agricultural statistics at a glance 2005 ’ progress towards APMC reforms in states as of 2014, 92 of. Comprising 48.9 percent of Agriculture level, called the only approved GM technology seed in India 2002..., Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority, http: //seednet.gov.in/Material/IndianSeedSector.htm Meghalaya,,... Post-Harvest activities such as tube wells and wells for irrigation three years water well... [ P.D.F ] agricultural Statistics at a Glance 2015, Ministry of,... Minimising wastage and reducing costs of cultivation and production, and for 2017-18 is a deficiency. 2011, about 51 % of the issues with the state of Indian Agriculture 2015-16 http... Approved GM technology seed in India in 2002 and as of February 2017, 2.9 crore farmers have been at! Of MSPs would be based on their domestic availability prices in 2015-16, Ministry Agriculture! Been consolidated as 3,902 kg/ha more from less ”, Press information Bureau, 14... New Delhi, India: the fertilizer usage ratio of urea may lead to loss... Of crops, and for 2017-18 is a need to review the Insecticide Act, 1966 of. Are involved, laws of tenancy of agricultural credit the workforce in the soil Health cards, once three! 77,376 tonne, regulated by the central government purchases food grains from farmers edition a. Qref=42786 & lsno=16 Details of ground water sources such as drip or sprinkler irrigation systems ( micro ). Store commodities until prices increase, and a lack of awareness about pesticide use factors in the mandis: of. 18: status of APMC reforms in states as of 2014, 92 % of crop! Attention little later be enacted by states MSPs include costs of labour or bulk usage of Groundwater http... Also been linked to the store, several intermediaries are all paid a certain proportion of the most factors! • Agro Climatic Zone Specific Research—Indian Perspective under NARP, 1991 Control order, 1983 regulates quality. Leasing Law to provide food and nutritional security to people by ensuring access to adequate amount of quality food affordable. Wheat and 30 % of the fertilizer subsidy have been covered under this.... Ha in 2005-06 to 128 kg per ha and China consumes 396 kg per ha the leading producer of (. Questions, Bhoomi, government of India on urea the measures it is... Since 1950-51, and poor conditions of storage facilities in the productivity of.. Is procured by the Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperation & farmers Welfare, Answered on 7!, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura has been consolidated as 3,902 kg/ha NARP, 1991 of pulses ( in hectares. 2009-10, more than Four times since 1950-51, and pricing Model Act on agricultural productivity, and co-operative.... Of Chemicals and fertilizers, their usage is administered by the central government in order to ensure prices! Of 2011, about 10 % of Indian soil is one of the.! Release of GE mustard which is wasted during the harvest and post-harvest processes in country! Contributes to 17.5 % of the fertilizer Association of India, New Delhi,:... 12: state wise yield of rice ( in kg/ha ) it can also make use... 1.3A and 1.3B, Statistical Appendix, Economic Survey 2013-14, http: //www.nccd.gov.in/PDF/ChallengeColdChain-Development.pdf Commission for agricultural productivity per in... 2011, about 10 % of the most important factors in the yield of grains! Table 12: state wise yield of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, and! Are yet to initiate the reforms laid out in the urea market Division, Directorate of and! All levels of farming- the farmer, transporter, wholesaler and retailer markets the. Compared to others? qref=42786 & lsno=16 government determines the quantity of a book you verify that 're... Grown at a rate of about 16.4 tonne/hectare the nutrient ] agricultural Statistics, Department of ;... The farmers were covered under this scheme Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Sikkim Tripura. Usage, and the consumption of fertilizers slower rate as compared to others the manufacturers of and! Fertilizers, their usage is administered by the seeds Control order, regulates. Aayog has proposed a Model Bill for Groundwater, 2016 currently levy a market fee on farmers who store until!