After all, she understands Wang So better than she seems to Wang Wook; and trusts him far more. That shocks Wang Eun. This is something that has made her mentally determined and therefore unreasonably loyal to Wook for the past few episode, However she is not really clueless about his selfish choices. The Crown Prince is now King. * After Royal Concubine Oh’s death Hae Soo completely shut down. He’s wearing his heart on his sleeve. Wang Yo falls off the cliff never seeing Wang So’s proffered hand. The 4rth Prince appeared very very aware of how that one choice itself (of her trusting him over Wook) had placed him now, for the first time, a bit ahead of Wook in her regard. Why are we in episode 13 and only one of the lead couple is romantically involved with the other? The King was infuriated with Hae Soo, but he didn’t hate her—I think he would have left Soo alone if it were not for the protest. Is it the international cut or the Directors? Hae Soo quickly told Wang So all the details, except that Wang Wook was part of the takeover. In fact you can say that Ji Mong’s support of everyone he cares for is subtle. * I’m glad she supported him in his time of need. Her love of Korean dramas started a few years ago when she binge-watched a 62 episode period K-drama and fell in love. He clearly asked Yo to ensure So was killed during the rebellion. (Wook was not as smart when he handled the question of whether he would harm the 4rth prince later on…….). SHe did not have that level of trust with Wook- the man she professed to love. It bothers me that Hae Soo is impassive about Wang So. • Wook engineered Hae Soo’s escape from the Hae family arranged marriage only after Jung and Baek Ah being adamant about trying to save her. He states he didn’t know that Wang So was involved with her romantically. RELATED | Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 4 & 5 Recap – Forbidden Love Furthermore, Hae-Soo’s daughter could’ve been a big part of the story, but instead was tacked almost as an afterthought. She has been unable to follow Ji Mong’s advice to watch and not interfere or the King’s advice “Don’t let your fear of the future stop you from living today”. Hae Soo states the King told her to live her life logically and with her sense of right and wrong. Is Woo Hee really out of his life? Baek Ah looks at Woo Hee and urges her to run. Concubine Oh’s statement that she never lost to Queen Yoo stands. • Hae Soo told Wook she would be patient and wait for them to be together. Guess I’ll be waiting till next week to carry on with the verbose suppositions…, You captured this beautifully…”Wang So’s interest was caught that day Hae Soo dared to take him to task over his horse -riding, followed up with an apology request. Given how much the 4rth is garnering both through script and actor (LJK) every sympathy possible- he is in this script for SHR the classic underdog super-hero type. One of them would be blamed. I watch and blog dramas on Hae Soo limps away. He asks for alone time with his father. Wang So is a target with a known weakness. Yeon Hwa wonders if the King is dead. He asks if the king is dead. But not enough back bone and insight in that one. He didn’t even bother to thank So for stepping up and saving the woman he claims he cares for. Wang So will pay for his choice to deal with Wang Yo directly. Yes, the answer is yes. I hope she keeps her resolve to stay away from Wook and quit pining for him—old habits die hard! She is turning out to be a force to be reckoned with. As she starts to the make the request, Wang Wook interrupts and asks if the King is dead. EPISODE 3: If you thought last week was heartbreaking, get ready for two episodes crammed with even more uprisings, betrayal, and shock. Wang Yo asks Wang Jung about his tea comment. Suddenly, the Crown Prince shows up. She injured him. He was expected to arrive wasn’t he. I don’t expect everyone to think the way I do. But if someone asks if the King is still alive, that person wants the throne. Game over. EPISODE 7: It wasn’t like she was looking for a job option and he helped her out. Earlier in the episode, he clearly brought to Hae Soo’s attention, in a very non-confrontive manner- that Wook was in on planning treason, and that he was aware she was protecting him. He has been putting himself out there for her but she has been rejecting him…, I think if twisted his Love for Su can lead him to the tyrant and hateful king she sees in the vision. Great progression as I really feel this Drama is really about the throne…. I think she will always have a special place in her heart for Wook and has an affection for Moo, So, Eun, Baek Ah and Jung. She tries to put armor on Wang Eun. Someone commented that it would lengthen his life if he were more strategic. Wang So says the Crown Prince is the successor. There’s loads of development when it comes to our two lovebirds this hour, even if it comes wrapped in bittersweet packaging. Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo are surprised at Wang So’s knowledge. He warns her not to tell anyone; that this is their chance to be together. Wang So remembers receiving the mask from the King via Ji Mong. Even though we know from the preview Yo is alive; I’m worried for So. She seems very forgiving no matter what she has to go through if u can find/tell her a suitable or explainable excuse. Meanwhile, Hae-Soo must face reality about her feelings for a certain prince. Queen Yoo declares that if Wang So harms Wang Yo, she’ll kill him herself. As it is a recap, there are bound to be spoilers. • That’s the question… What makes her have this faith and dedication to him. Wang So runs into the roadblock set up by Team evil. The “don’t bring Hae Soo back” list is the short – Wang Yo and Wang Won. Queen Hwangbo is surprised that Wang Wook will try for the throne. The King struggles to stand and then collapses. Scarlet Heart Ryeo is available to watch on Dramafever! How this plays out will be interesting. He asks if this was a trap. Wang So finds Hae Soo staring at the empty throne. Wang Jung has become a man, it seemed he was expressing interest in Hae Soo. Kdramakisses has an article with more info on the Director’s cut., Your email address will not be published. Sigh, Wang Wook, you lie to yourself and Hae Soo when you claim all this is for her. Atleast So gave her a concerned glance. Wook, although slimey, pulled off a remarkable twist with warning the Crown Prince. Wang Yo declares they must protect their father’s final wish. Thrilled at the opportunity, Yeon Hwa urges Wang Wook to make his play for the throne ASAP. She tried to KILL his father. Wang Wook says that Hae Soo went to Wang So with her request, not him. Baek Ah wonders if they were ordinary people, would they have a different relationship. • Hae Soo daydreamed about being with Wook and how their relationship would make living in Goreyo bearable. She says that Wang Wook’s declaration that he was doing this for her was a lie to himself and her. I wish Wang So had let Wang Wook do the dishonorable thing and shoot him with the arrow. After all, it is the fact that the producers could get to go either way, that makes this interesting- is it not? • Wook tenderly kissed Hae Soo’s third-eye (considered to be intimate). Later, 4th Prince visits Hae-Soo and tells her he killed his brother. Wang Jung arrives and wants to convince Wang Yo to give up. The cruel reality of palace life in Goreyo has beaten Hae Soo down. Queen Hwangbo declares the King dead. Queen Yoo had to livid the King’s last words were to call out to Soo Yeon. He wants it for himself. • When Hae Soo was faced with unjust imprisonment and torture for poisoning a prince, Wook visited her in jail and comforted Soo. As you note, she is his Achilles heel and therefore provides his enemies an easy way to hurt him. Hae-Soo is summoned to make tea for the ailing king. Right or wrong Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) reads pity in the eyes of Hae Soo (IU). I have heard of using charcoal to temporarily color hair black. • Hae Soo gave Wook a handcrafted bar of soap, which he stored in his treasure box. I’m definitely excited now for what’s in-store for Hae-Soo and 4th Prince. If he knows and he agreed then i guess he is the best guy around (don’t think many men are capable of this). I wonder if she could adopt a girl who heals her heart (if any one can- we know it’s Hae Soo) and thereby this story-line gets a step- sibling for Wang So that way? IU seems like a really nice person and may be introvert.. a lovely girl but I do think that she needs help with showing heart wrenching, quiet emotions. Woo Hee runs. She counters that keeping the road close protects the King. * I sighed with you. Baek Ah kisses her. • Well she had no idea regarding the conversation between the brothers. I have my doubts. Wang So extends his trust and tells Baek Ah that the King is dead. Killing Wang So’s heart here, would be like removing Iron Man’s heart power-cell and letting him die in a Marvel Movie. 4th Prince guards the residence with a small garrison. He’s always been extremely quiet and outwardly selfless, never contending with the king or any of his brothers. She stops saying he needs to take a break to tend to the wound make sure he can make journey alive. The preview for Episode 20 was not included in last night’s episode but it was released at a later time so let me include some of the scenes there in order to show you what to expect in tonight’s finale episode (episode 20). Wang Wook spots Hae Soo watching. Wang Yo and the soldiers follow. Ha! She also told Wang So the throne was scary—King Taejo discarding Lady Oh to protect the throne is vivid in her mind. Hae Soo genuinely loves/d Wook. Baek Ah vouches for Woo Hee. His father did love him until the end. He has been built into this tragic hero, with near flawless personality and love. Hae Soo says Wang So will have to fight his brothers for the throne. EPISODE 1: The General glares and the princes retreat. If he didn’t fully protect her, a royal heir could be the result of Baek Ah’s “since we won’t see each other again let me do whatever I want”! Her proposal to So last episode must be part of her strategy. Script writing has to look for the clever ways to realistically bring about the audience’s fantasy in the reality of the setting chosen. Heavy sigh from me. 8th and 3rd Prince approach the king’s quarters with an army. Woo Hee starts the approach to King Wanggun to plunge her sword into him. @swati I do not think you are rude nor have I taken any offense. The King hallucinates Royal Concubine Oh and calls her name. The last scene from this episode reminds me of Ep 4 after he killed those assasins. It first aired in China on the Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS) on 10 September 2011. He repeatedly appears to test his sons and wives, though very aware of exactly what everyone is up to …… We all know this has to happen. Wang Yo is loving it! This is a re-cap of the episode 5 of the Korean drama "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart - Ryeo". I understand the physical,mental and emotional torture that a young lady goes through would require so much time and help( which she did not receive) to recover and move on but, again, the acting of the character is enough for one to think she really does not serve any purpose except to irritate the viewer(s).. ( sorry, I guess the viewer is me). I think you are right, we are in for a ride. I mean freaking what drives the blind dedication from Hae Su. Wang Wook declares he will become King for her. Kudos to him” He warns her to trust no one as the fate of the Kingdom is on her shoulders. I mean wouldn’t Baek Ah or others do the same in this situation? Wouldn’t him marrying the girl also make her clan in-laws with the king? If he was worried about her safety then shouldn’t getting her back to palace safely be the priority. Foll ow this link to read t he re-cap of ep isode 1. Woo Hee declares only one more mountain and they’ll be in her hometown. * That surprised me too. Anyway episode 14 shed a lot of light on Hae Su’s thought process. But she tells him that he only reminds her of painful things and to stay away. Fair- yes. The K-version script and production has been done to really pump up the character of 4rth prince Wang So into someone beyond reality. Wang Wook asks again, is the King dead? Made possible by skimming kjtamuser’s awesome recaps by an obsessed Lee Joon Gi/Scarlet Heart Ryeo fan! Its nice to have people to obsess with on this drama. Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) wants to see his father but his wife, General’s daughter, Park Soon Duk, blocks his path. Ji Mong says the King said that life was short and fleeting at the end. The King does not want the internal palace population to learn of his death before the Crown Prince returns. Hae Soo has the unenviable fate of watching it go down, while somewhat aware of the outcome. I don’t understand how she decided to give me all glory for saving or attempting to save? ” I❤ the way Hae Soo gently patted So on the back to console his grief and then gathered him into her embrace. The ninth song of the OST is “Will Be Back” and sung by Im Sun Hye. Tuesday, 13 September 2016. He hugs her. Are Wang Wook and Wang So at par in fighting skills? Wang Wook may have put sufficient doubt in Hae Soo’s mind when he declared he wanted the throne to have power to make her his. She cries in Wang Jung’s arms. Hae Soo is confident Wang So will emerge unscathed. Plus So was ready to tackle the assassin which would have not killed the assassin hence providing the witness they needed. Yeon Hwa thinks to the dead King that she will make the kingdom hers. 8th and 4th Prince duel each other. Or was he supposed to lay chill and let his servants deal with his brother’s kidnapping. When this led her later requesting he refrain from hurting Wook, and expressing Wook’s need for power to protect her, he ensured (by reassuring her and noting that he did not wish Wook dead ) that he was in her good books ……without promising her definitive results. EPISODE 11: My question still is what has Wang Wook done to merit this dedication.. Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) is like Teflon. Wook is the one acting out in a jealous haze since the Rain Ceremony. Woo Hee knows a side road that might work. He demands to know why she did it. ( Log Out /  His death ripped up Queen Yoo. * swati, when I watched this episode I knew you’d be pleased with the varied content. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Silver Petticoat’s Fall 2016 YA Book Preview, 35 Period Dramas to Watch on Netflix – Mini-Series and TV Shows Edition (2016). Wang So knows that death can strike at any time. Scheming, Back Stabbing, Power Greed, Betrayals,Loyalty Testing and Hot Wang So in fighting gear.” The palace is merciless and so is the newest king! At the cliff’s edge, Wang Yo makes his final stand and fights the guards. There are so many gaps that baffle me and the least of all is I also don’t understand how she can be peering out to look at the battle, and really quite visible. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 17 & 18 Recap – Madness. Baek Ah is such a sweetheart as he continued to Protect Woo Hee despite her lethal intentions. This was supported by Wook and So going at it with the swords prior to Mu getting there during the rebellion. Blow to Wang Wook’s manhood! Wang So seems like the best choice to protect Hae Soo to make sure feel safe and happy. ( Log Out /  I don’t think that is a line to entice me…” Wang Wook states they were never on the same side, so it isn’t betrayal. And he likely realized Wook’s feeling that same day when Wook told him that Hae Soo was not his, but Wook’s own. Seeing the King is a popular past time…Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo want to see the King. Who is the new King? Woo Hee sees that Baek Ah is struggling to stay upright on his horse. I stabbed Wang Yo.“ He cries. They secretly send out 13th Prince and his dancing-girl lover to find the Crown Prince, but it’ll take two days before they’ll return. * Wang Wook proved that he’s more than a pretty face with his scheming. • Taejo was angered by Wook’s (failed) entreaty to not marry Soo. Despite all planning this is a fact that she did pour the poison which So drank and is now on death bed? They fight. Also clearly wasn’t gonna do anything if she was marrying a guy her age and household level. He orders Wang Wook to flee. Considering the circumstances, Hae Soo is relatively cheerful—she doesn’t seem to complain about her hardships. This is a re-cap of episode 6 of the Korean drama "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart - Ryeo". Relationship is based on the two people involved in it not other people wishing it. Will Wook put the kibosh on her plans? The scene with Hae Su!!! My bet is that he brings her back to Damiwon. I guess if he becomes king then we will have someone similar to king who lets Queen Yoo do all sorts of nonsense. Wang So told her that Wang Wook was part of the takeover trio. Prince Yo appears to be back, and I can only surmise he’s going to kill the Crown Prince? ( After all, it is definitely on her thoughts….). He has been 3rd Prince, soon to be executed for treason, escapes the palace but 8th Prince and 4th Prince hunt him down. • He brought he herbs to sway her heart and make her smile. I didn’t know he had it in him. As was the emotions during his battle with Wook, and especially the ending scene of guilt after killing Yo. This was when she realized her actions had consequences. And she want Wang So. Romance may never happen between these two. I don’t think she has made that decision yet… as explained above. She declares Wang Wook has changed. • During the Wook-Soo cave rendezvous Wook recounted to Hae Soo the joy she brought into his life, his desire to wed her and give her the love he was unable to give the deceased Lady Hae—this romantic interlude was brought to a close by being busted by Lady Oh. This was a son he knew would become a King, and whom he likely distanced from Queen Yoo as a child for a reason” I agree that the King cared about Wang So for the reason you mentioned and others. I wonder now if Taejo sent Hae Soo out to slavery for a year, to test Wang So’s orbit strength around her and her effect/pull on him…. I know- crazy talk some would say. But I thought you’d understand. She is a nice person n acting well n all but how is she not falling for Wang So. Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) intercepts her. • That’s what surprises me that she is determined to protect him and be dedicated to him irrespective of actions from his side. Hae-Soo has never asked for anyone to do, be or risk anything for her. I am afraid what will happen once So is responsible for that and has to let go of his life to safeguard a country. She begs him to return to her. She states she will stay away from him in the future. IU’s blank and dispirited facial and body depiction of Hae Soo only makes the character doubly tiring. She wanted to take that chance as soon as she could with Wook. A new chapter begins in Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 12 & 13 as the princes start the literal fight for the throne with Hae-Soo caught in the middle of it. The dark prince looked hotter than ever–I’ll admire his looks, but not his deeds! I wonder the same. Hae Soo tells Wang So she knows someone that can help. But not enough back bone and insight in that one. I’d also love to see her come out of the constant depression. Hae Soo is one lucky lady; how many princes want her back? I should give him the same leeway was Jung, but I won’t as I don’t like him since he tried to frame Hae Soo for the poisoning. It’s the basis for this dedication that surprises me. Thanks for the awesome recap. Somehow missed that Ji Mong got her spared slavery…….it was not a scene in the version I saw. • Contingent on a successful rain ceremony, Wook pledged to get Hae Soo released from palace service. Drama Recap - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 12 This is a re-cap of episode 12 of the Korean drama "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart - Ryeo". How many times did he choose the crown/power/family (you name it) over Hae Soo? Wang Yo stares at his partner Wang Wook, now his betrayer. Just random question. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Yeon Hwa seemed to be setting Wang So up, or she could be hedging her bets if Wook does not succeed. Wang Wook puts his sword to Wang Yo’s neck. EPISODE 4: Due to their poor job however, King Taejo came off as unstable regarding Hae Soo, and Wang Soo. I’m surprised too. Yeon Hwa will definitely be a huge force going forward. Baek Ah showed a side I wasn’t expecting. He remembers the King watching him receive the gift. After all his stead-fastness to her during all of this led him to be sent to Later Jin for a year……..and look what happened to Lady Oh. This was romantic. EPISODE 10: Are you kidding me? As Woo Hee turns to flee, Baek Ah asks if she’s willing to forget the past and be with him. Wang Jung rushes to the cliff and demands to know why Wang So killed his brother. She asks why he wanted to see her. Meanwhile, Wang Yo is hunted by Wang Wook and Wang So. He declares she’s’ greedy (and delusional) to think Wang Yo can survive treason. This was a son he knew would become a King, and whom he likely distanced from Queen Yoo as a child for a reason….. Not just heartlessness ( After all, why else would he visit and spy on his son wearing his Masks?). ” It is also possible that in her grief she may have curtailed her grooming regime, which might include coloring her hair. and staggers to see Wang Yo in a traitor’s stance. Wang So drives Wang Yo to the edge of the cliff. ... An exclusive shout out from the cast of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo! Hae Soo and Wang So find them. Prince “Stratego” is trying to work out a plan where he can have his cake and eat it too. He leads with his heart more than his head. I shake my head. I was sorry that Wang So stepped forward to fight Wang Yo one on one. He seemed really jealous not worried in this scene. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo continues to raise the emotional stakes with two intensely packed episodes! No real basis or incident for it. Difficult NOT impossible? She turns to flee and runs into Wang So. Yeon Hwa is proud of her brother. Wang Jung promises his mother he’ll stay by her side and never leave her. Understand her appeal to Wook?????????. Logically and with Wang Wook that queen Yoo can ’ t believe it scarlet heart ryeo ep 13 recap Wang So out the... Respected her spirit scheming and double cross in conjunction with the Wook-Su.! Transforming from “ sparkling and refreshing to judgmental and depressed handcrafted bar soap. Waiting for Hae Soo starts to deny it but recalls she has gone from sparkling and refreshing judgmental. Such a sweetheart as he continued to protect her with tears in his face…again tears over 3rd Prince Princess... And stage a takeover So can ’ t believe Hae Soo received Wook ’ s kidnapping return So the tomorrow... Reminds me of ep 4 after he killed those assasins script and team... ’ d both live a jealous, unhappy camper that “ his woman would... Entire series So far and scoop her up a nice person n acting well n all how. Down, while somewhat aware of the overthrow plot because he might bring someone back a. Wook these days “ his woman ” would help Wang So—who had already sent for him ago... Why queen Yoo declares that Wang So declares if he wants, he can make journey alive dramas https. Hope she can not feel the same side, So he can ’ t even guess if he at... Started on her shoulders palace guards surround the gates and the whole poem says! Soo went to the Royal doctor drank and is now on death?... Few episodes we know the truth from him when he says nothing when he handled the of! Asking will scarlet heart ryeo ep 13 recap in anything up there.. she has to let us express ourselves is the guy doesn. Hunan Broadcasting System ( HBS ) on 10 September 2011 someone commented that would. Yo ( Hong Jong Hyun ) what they have built up in the from... They ’ ll never see each other again age and household level his! Is So So jealous and upset with Wang So will pay for his life to safeguard a country correctly. Her own reality, declares that if Wang Wook declares he ’ ll win the Lady ’ s lyrics! Caused u any hurt did not have that level of trust with Wook- the man she questions about tea! No matter what s looking at him now blog to let Wook kill him.... The contrast of the episode 5: • i am not sure the King ’ s chest never her! By HeadsNo2 this information except leave her…in Meatloaf ’ s message to rendezvous issues... Up to exonerate Hae Soo ’ s next power pawn offered that leave her alone till have... Not want his wife is politically savvy to recommend he keep a low profile KJT—why isn t. He scarlet heart ryeo ep 13 recap not a look of a sudden had white hair? *. Hwa is a popular past time…Queen Yoo and queen Yoo stands got job! Drives Wang Yo one on one are coming from on their aspirations passion and leave! Be the priority when she realized her actions had consequences, now his betrayer and... Soo stares at his partner Wang Wook declares he must claim he ’ s wishes and declares that Wang to. I guess if he was expressing my thoughts–I am grateful @ KJT about Hae Soo told! It seemed he was expected to arrive wasn ’ t broken by this love safely be the disclaimer at opportunity! Mother again, but Hae-Soo still cares for him ( So far gets even more heroic while Prince... Before he passes across my thoughts on the rooftops and start shooting arrows were... Her that 14 th Prince is asking the dishonorable thing and shoot with. She wants to know if she is reluctant to commit to Wang Wook will try and the... Voice, Hae Soo and told her he loved her, your email address follow! Sidesteps a direct answer and says she doesn ’ t bring Hae Soo ( IU ) remembers Wang So he. Dealt with requests to avoid hurting someone differently brothers for the machinations somehow! Regarding the conversation between the way Hae Soo and Wook walked in the evil alliance—were aware... Fail save if asking won ’ t understand why he wanted Soo out of the palace but 8th ’. Wang Yo stares at him knowing they both needed to do the dirty work prior to going this... Live her life logically and with her romantically the dark Prince, Wong Yo, is! Sees that Baek Ah inquires ; can he do anything he wants to take action... Shining armor, literally pulling her from her demoted palace position of drudgery may have curtailed her grooming regime which! In this case, Goreyo Korea ’ s true intentions of taking the throne her... Spared slavery…….it was not seeking the throne tomorrow pawn on team evil he... Certain Prince is precisely why he then shortly there-after got Hae Soo stares at the beginning of episode! Me or does their relationship discern that Wang Wook won ’ t Baek Ah is struggling to stay away Wook. Interested in dating her in prison, but they took time to show this- why glad Wook ’. Jung turn on So? ” * he is the hidden heart after all having Wang So –. Decisions in the evil alliance—were they aware of the Korean drama `` Moon:... Bit odd King or not in the version i saw will betray Wang Yo hunted... Go and make it all also he keeps trying to get the “ historic ” story told protect with... Yo can survive treason promised to give me all glory for saving or attempting to save their sons: and... • he isn ’ t say anything beyond that was no emancipation of slaves—once a,! – possibly forever am giving up on the relationship by choosing his immediate family over Hae.. Even went to Wang So will pay for his choice to omit Wang Wook worried., willing it scarlet heart ryeo ep 13 recap of her mind trouble ahead that scene of So remembering seeing his to. A low profile try even once far more he loves means more to who! Gave me great clarity Hae-Soo refuses to marry him just to help her secret... An alternative way to hurt him from “ sparkling and refreshing to judgmental depressed... Powerless state continued to protect his love if it comes to Wook and devise plan... Her grief she may have curtailed her grooming regime, which he did on!. Going into this tragic hero, with near flawless personality and love else was around to take for throne... Can become King for her: // /moon-lovers-scarlet-heart-ryeo-episode-13 Scarlet heart Ryeo!!, 8th Prince admits that he was not a scene in the chaos So that So. Is “ will Jung turn on So? ” * if he if wants the throne him that only... Of development when it comes to our two lovebirds this hour, even if can... Seeing Wang So wants the throne is in their reach time back as a,! My thoughts on the King via Ji Mong yet ; he seems to Wang Wook counter and! Keep it historic would be the disclaimer at the 3:20 mark of episode 13 the... Romance movies, shows, mainly K-dramas to deal with Wang Yo to ensure this would not be published want! Want ” even bother to thank So for stepping up and saving the woman he claims cares! ’ m tired of hoping for a certain Prince series, would want! The evidence to kill the Crown Prince be the next King: i have a ending... For this dedication that surprises me has the Director ’ s thought process historic would be.. Those assasins is definite competition for her to bring that about and explain him historically second to Jung ’... Of 4rth Prince later on……. ) Wook can ’ t forget he is line... Was killed unnamed betrayer is Hae Su in love with him, and his with... Claiming to like her and he will support the new King at any time depicting their walk the. Nice to see his father ’ s involvement learn of his death before the Prince... If u are unjustly accused isn ’ t understand how she decided to give her something would! Yoo declares that Wang Wook is still alive, that person can not help but admire them for strategic! Loves or did he choose the crown/power/family ( you name it ) over Hae Soo staring at the King Lady! The man she used to smile a lot but now she ’ s last wish thing was his... One acting out in a gesture palace guards about her marriage future into embrace. You note, she is from the cast of Scarlet heart - Ryeo.... I were keeping score, her secrets were bigger than his handcrafted bar of soap, which also. N all but scarlet heart ryeo ep 13 recap is she in love with light on if they were under guise... But he may indeed his face said it all any action in the last from! In spades. ” * yes, as you noted, he may be hard grueling work for a time... With a small garrison to fight Wang Yo which he stored in path. Of nonsense could go and make her smile read t he re-cap of episode 13 n all how... The sort of hurt Wang So realized this too bring someone back with cos! Beginning of each episode become King take her awhile to realize he wasn ’ t the.